Using LPGUI with LuckPerms5

Due to changes to the LuckPerms API, the current major version of LuckPerms does not work with LuckPermsGUI out of the box and so to use LuckPermsGUI with LuckPerms 5 you will need to install the LuckPerms Legacy API Extension.

The Legacy API Extension can be downloaded from Lucko here Legacy API Download.

Install & Setup

To install the extension you only need to follow these easy steps.

  1. Go to your main /LuckPerms/ folder, this is probably at /plugins/LuckPerms/.

  2. Create a new folder in this directory and name it extensions.

  3. Download the extension-legacy-api.jar and put that in the new extensions folder.

  4. Go to your main /LuckPermsGUI/ folder, this is probably at /plugins/LuckPermsGUI/.

  5. Open your config.yml in your preferred text editor.

  6. Change the option UseLuckPerms5.Enabled from false to true.

  7. Save your config.yml file.

  8. Restart your server.

Congratulations, LuckPermsGUI will now work with LuckPerms 5!

We are planning to make LuckPerms 5 the default version and remove the need for the legacy extension soon!